When I Was 15


I believe in doing what others would say impossible

I never say “I can’t do it”, but rather “I couldn’t do it”

I believe in never resulting to violence

Do it upon yourself

Strive on originality

Be creative

Don’t do what you don’t believe in

Follow your heart

Be careful on who you trust

Constantly push yourself to become better in every aspect

Don’t be so easy to throw yours or anyones life away

See with your heart not with your senses

Nothing is what it seems in the universe

The human race grows weaker as we grow stronger

Unless everyone can understand each other the world will never be at peace

An educated soul can mean the difference between racism and non-racism

I search for love, but can’t help to stumble upon hate

I look for equal share of optimism and pessimism 

I hate those who know my true self

Fear of not being able to surpass my limits

Want to be friends with everyone if only they accepted friendship

Wants to be different

Hate others who remind me of myself

Why do we do nothing for the world,

but only ourselves and those who think we care about

I don’t belong anywhere

No one I cam completely open to

Tired of the secrets, lies, fake memories, fake me

Want someone who is possilby the first and last of anything

this is me…


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